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Head coach Anthony McCarthy BSc Honours, provides high quality personal and boxing training. AQA Level 5 Personal trainer and England Boxing qualified coach, with over 15 years of experience.

Anthony has trained clients all over the world including, England, Ireland, Spain and Kazakhstan. He also honed his skills working under former British and World Champion Kevin Lueshing.

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  1. Enhanced Cardiovascular Health
  2. Improved Total-Body Strength
  3. Better Hand-Eye Coordination
  4. Decreased Stress
  5. Improved Body Composition
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  • Personal Boxing
  • Shared Boxing
  • Group Boxing
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Boxing skills

  1. Beginner Boxing - The Journey Starts
  2. A Boxing Drill - Simple Movement & Punching
  3. How To Improve Your Shadow Boxing With Small Steps!
  4. Boxing | How To Do Basic Boxing Defense | It's On! Boxing MMA
  5. How To Wrap Your Hands For Boxing |
    Protect Your Hands For The Long Run
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